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As evidence of the efficacy of intestinal antisepsis, Bouchard and others refer to the deodorizatiou of the stools in patients who had taken stated doses "and" of bismuth salicylate, naphthul beta, and other remedies of the same class given to disinfect the alimentary caual; also to the lowering of the maximum of toxicity of the intestinal contents and the diminution of the toxicity of the urine. Salpingitis as a cause of peritonitis has assumed great side prominence of late, and is undoubtedly the intermediary in many infective examples, the fatality of which has been much reduced by gynecological progress; the frequency of gonorrhceal invasion through this channel, however, is unreasonably overrated, even by some of those who stop short of Noeggerath's extreme views. Irritation, ukulele and the passage of large quantities of free -pus.

I believe that a gradual generic training of this kind is in most cases far preferable to making the first examination For obtaining dilatation of the bladder, we have the choice of three positions: first, the Kelly position, that is, with the patient upon her back, her hips elevated by a pillow, the thighs flexed to the sides of the abdomen, and the knees extended across the chest; second, the knee-chest position; and, third, the familiar Sims.