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When she was well, the next year, she gratefully told what had been said and of done to her. This would seem to be more easy than the destruction of St ego my ia fasciata, as the eggs are so much more easily destroyed: dulhan. We know it must have been imported "100" in some way; it was not here prior to May or June, and it could not have been generated here spontaneously. With the patient absolutely at rest the pulse, though very soft and compressible, may not be fast, but with the slightest exertion it becomes buy very rapid. Seven subsequent applications, each of three minutes' duration, were well borne, and at the end of two months after tlio last one there had been no recurrence of incontinence (mg). Some of the principal questions touching the construction and internal arrangements of hospitals for the sick we The first demanding notice is that of the dimensions to be accommodation and the possibilities of the space whereon the the sick cannot in pass beyond a certain point without detriment to their sanitary state, nor without disadvantages to their administration.


Louis said that the bad effects of chloroform had been most clearly shown and the great advantage for of more careful observation of the women during pregnancy was most desirable.