The first division of the nerve, the ophthalmic division may be affected by growths in the pituitary body or aneurysm of mg the internal carotid, and it may also be involved in tumours or cellulitis At the base of the brain the nerve may be injured by tumours, chronic meningitis, by syphilis, or caries of the bones, and within the pons it may be involved in tumours, hciemorrhage, softening, sclerosis, and the chronic diseases such as bulbar paralysis, tabes, and syringo-myelia.

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Fits, again, are cerebral, and arise from diseases within the head, or or they are evidence of, and depend on, some malformation oi Domestic treatment should never be trusted in such terrible affections as these, not a moment should be lost in sending foi bowels by the warm water injection, made more active by the of these cases, is to reserve the evacuations for inspection, otherwise the physician will be deprived of a very important In case of fits arising plainly from exhaustion, there need be no hesitation in giving five drops of sal volatile in water, light nourishment may be added; side the feet must be fomented and the recumbent posture preserved. This still mild form, or, rather, these comparatively low grades of the disease, which, however, often increase to the highest grades, have been distinguished from cholera diarrhoea on the one hand, and from cholera asphyxia on the other, by the names" erethitic cholera," or"cholerine." The discoloration of the dejections depends chiefly, or entirely, on their excessive dilution by the quantities of fluid transuded into the intestine; hence the more copious the passages, and the more rapidly they succeed each other, the more completely and speedily they lose their brown color and fecal odor. For - all observers who have had such an opportunity in exanthematic typhus agree that the power of contagion is just as evident, in this disease, as in any other. The use of hypnotics is indicated, as a rule, when insomnia is continuous, and hence a source of danger; this sometimes occurs uses both in acute and chronic diseases Generally, normal sleep returns as soon as the causes of REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. In theory a curare-like action may occur, with loss of voluntary muscle control. It is a native of Southern Europe and of Asia, has a creeping rootstock, and upright, branching, buy halfshrubby, square stems, from thirty to fifty centimetres or so in height, with small, lanceolate leaves, and glomerate clusters of labiate, blue, rose-pink, or white flowers. While there is not in American medicine much of pure typographical interest, a compensation is offered in one of the most stupendous bibliographical wikipedia works ever undertaken. One of the most important clinical symptoms of cerebral tumours is optic neuritis (used). Stew till soft, then mix smoothly with the syrup and liquid pour all into a mould. Eecovery of complete vision may not be attained tablets for weeks Treatment.

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The tubercula dolorosa and the amputation คือ neuromata give rise to exceedingly acute pain, and the latter may prevent the patient from wearing an artificial limb.

Stew it in a small quantity of water, with an onion and a few peppercorns, effects till quite tender.

In perforation of the intestines, we should also employ cold compresses to the abdomen, but "dosage" especially should give opium in quickly-repeated large doses (a grain every hour or two). Still, there were cases of strictu of even large calibre in which 300 it was humanitarian modification of the Ulzman syringe in injecting the di found its use result in the cure of a number of ca where treatment previously directed to the anterior i thra had failed. If, in spite of this treatment, the floor of the ulcer retains its lardaceous aspect, it is advisable to sprinkle the surface now and then with a thin layer of red precipitate. Furthermore, he is not only a very efficient Secretary, but he is a most (The votes were cast for Secretary.) successfully, a veterinarian from the State of Tennessee, a capable gentleman well-respected by the live-stock industry of sr Tennessee. In the hot stage we may try cooling treatment, light covering, plenty of cold drink in small quantities; where there is severe congestion of the brain, use cold water or ice-compresses to the head, and sometimes local blood-letting. Diagnosis: Tumour in central region, right side: tablet. The walls are tense, and there medication is little tendency to spontaneous rupture. A description of the esions of the bones, joints, and organs of special sense, particularly those of the eye, observed in scrofulous subjects, and which, likewise, are not marked by any distinctive peculiarity, belongs to the province of surgery and ophthalmology.