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Bond - the horse tliat first gets his head to the winning-post shall be considered the winner of the heat, unless disqualified from foul riding, or lack of proper weight, in which case the heat must be given to the next best horse. I don't believe anybody in the White House stood between the to DNC and Question. We contributed heavily in the novcmbcr clccioos and played a key role with our suppon for Wc also need lo very clex'iy point out to ihe Secretary that the primary basis for the petition for fee to trust is that all rhrcc of the tribes petitioning arc located in rural settings deierminahon based on this fact, rrcst of Indian lid Country would then qualify under the siir.e intcnrionally p'Ji Indians where tnosi folks did nci want to go.

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I remember making my documents available to the Solicitor's Office, I don't remember when it was, and I don't remember whether they win came back for more later.