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Casino - even though he is operating out of uniform, he knows he's a cop and seems to think everv one else knows it. The Eight"Worshipful"William Patrick Manning, Esquire, J.P., Mayor of the City of Sydney, Know ye, that"We, reposing great trust and confidence in your ability, zeal, industry, discretion, and integrity, do by these presents authorise and appoint you, or any three or more of you, as hereinafter-mentioned, to make a diligent and full inquiry with the view of ascertaining the undoubted facts in the matter of alleged illicit gambling and immoralities among the Chinese resident in Georgestreet North, in the said City of Sydney and neighbourhood, and the alleged bribery or misconduct of any members of the Police Eorce in relation thereto; also, to make visits of inspection to localities in the said City and Suburbs occupied by Chinese, and investigate and report upon social conditions, means of sanitary provision in the dwellings and workshops, the callings or occupations, and other circumstances affecting the well-being of such persons: And"We do, by these presents, grant to you,, or any three or more of you, at any meeting or meetings to which all of you shall have been duly summoned, full power and authority to call before you all such persons as you may judge necessary, by whom you may be bettor informed of the truth in the premises, and to require the production of all such books, papers, writings, and all other documents as you may deem expedient, and to visit and inspect the same at the offices or places where the same or any of them may be deposited, and to inquire of the premises by all lawful ways and means: And We do give you power, at your discretion, to procure such clerical and other assistance as you may deem necessary for enabling you duly to execute this Oar Commission: And Our further will and pleasure is, that you do within three months after the date of this Our Commission, certify to Us, in the office of Our Colonial Secretary, under your or any three or more of your hands and seals, what you shall find touching the premises: And We hereby command all Government officers and other persons whomsoever within Our said Colony that they be assistant to you and each of you in the execution of these presents: And"We appoint you the said"William Pateick Manning, Esq., to be President of this Our Commission, which said Commission.We declare to be a Commission for all purposes of the In testimony whereof, We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent, and under the Great Seal of Our said Colony of New South Wales to be hereunto affixed (texas).