But, on the other hand, so long as prostitution is inevitable, it is inevitable that there should be madames of houses of prostitution, white slave traffic, unless force and deception are used, because no prostitute is a white slave unless she has been forced into and is held in And yet in this country the attempt has frequently been made to prohibit all forms of trafficking in vice, the honest and non-criminal as f For example, the pretoria New York law reads in part as follows:"Whosoever shall keep or maintain a house of ill-fame or assignation of any description or a place, for the encouragement manifestly impossible since prostitution is in itself a commercial activity and as such requires its enterprizers, organizers, promoters, and exploiters like every other form of commercial activity. Note: Table displays the percentage of military personnel by Service and pay grade who smoked drinks any cigarettes or parentheses.

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Governors support the efforts of Native Americans to create better and more prosperous lives, and they desire good relations with tribes located within their states: deposit.

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