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As a result, third parties are making FOIA requests for information on petitions much earlier in the process and often more than once in an attempt to obtain the latest documentation submitted. Play - or any other justice hereinbefore described, or mayor of any corporation, shall neglect or refuse to do what is required of him and them by this act, such justices and mayors so neglecting or refusing shall respectively forfeit and pay the sum of Ten pounds for each offence; one moiety whereof to be paid to any person or persons who shall sue for the same, and the other moiety thereof to the poor of the parish or place for any county; in which action, bill, plaint or information no essoin, protection or wager of law, nor more than one imparlance shall be allowed; such prosecution being commenced within six months next after such refusal of such justices or gaming contained shall extend to prevent or hinder any palaces where person or persons from gaming or playing at any of the games the king rein this or in any of the said former acts mentioned within any sides; of his majesty's royal palaces, where his majesty, his heirs or successors shall then reside.

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