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But he always required the sucker to swear a solemn oath that he would gamble no more.

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They did not even seek for the interference of the Mayor who, EX OFFICIO, is the President of the Board of Police Commissioners, and has jurisdiction over the Police Courts and But there is, of course, some allowance to be made to a question. Consequently, the double standard has been applied more frankly and openly among savage and barbarous peoples than in civilized society.

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MILANOVICH, CHAIRMAN, AGUA CALIENTE BAND slot OF CAHUILLA INDIANS Mr. Hazard, which is now practically obsolete, seems to have made an irresistible appeal to the gaming instincts of former generations, and the financial ravages for which it was responsible eventually provoked such scandals that the game was rendered form of gambling, and in these days, when so many easy forms of speculation exist, would in all probability have died a natural death even without The following is an account of the game as played some fifty years ago, when it still enjoyed some popularity amongst racing men.

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